Search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing content and improving the quality and quantity of website traffic through it. It is a part of online marketing. SEO targets unpaid traffic that may generate from different kinds of search engines which includes image search, academic search, video search. A website recovers more visitors which can also become potential customers from SEO when the website rank higher on the SERP. Traffic that comes from SEO is referred to as organic search traffic. It includes high-quality content around specific keywords and is all about improving a site’s rankings in the non-paid section of the research results.

SEO works by optimizing your site for the a search engine that you want to rank for. Its pages are distinct in two separate sections that are organic and paid results. The organic search result is also referred to as natural results in which the rank is based on 100% merit. There is no need to pay google or any other search engine to reach your website higher on SERP. Organic results are considered to be the most relative, authoritative websites or web pages. You need to create content around topics that your customers search for to succeed in SEO.

Search engines use an algorithm to determine what page to show for any given query. The sites that have links from many other sites acquire authority which is also known as “PageRank” in Google. It also analyzes the content of that webpage and discerns if it would be suitable for the given search query. Content creating is the largest part of SEO as it targets the keywords that search engine customers are searching for. The structure of the page also benefits the SEO. By updating a page meta tags can also be effective as the tags can increase the click-through rate from SERP. SEO process involves an algorithm to rank higher in the search results.

With good content, the webpage or website has a huge change of getting shared on social media , so it’s better to search the type of content which is already there and also has a chance to ranking higher on the search engine results. SEO relies on many fools and software. The top SEO tools are Google Search Console, Google Ads Keyword Planner, SEO platforms, social media and Backlink analysis tools. Search Engine optimization has the potential to increase the amount of traffic massively if done properly.

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