Keyword placement is extremely important as they directly bring organic search traffic to our content, and helps us removing people who were never going to buy from our blog. When it comes to SEO for a new website, some businesses can be intimidated due to the amount of information out there. There are a lot of free tools out there that helps you figure out what keywords get more traffic. Check your website, your website should not have a redirected URLs or any error pages. If you don’t use the correct keywords, you’ll attract the wrong website visitors. These visitors are the type of who’ll never make any purchase or pick up your phone and will only waste your time. The blog post that is developed based on keywords is different from any other type of blog post. There are a lot of free fools that helps in figuring out the type of keywords that gets traffic, but none of them tells if you have a shot at ranking them and if you don’t know the metrics of your competitors, how will you know that your metrics are good enough to compete for the top spot?


To discover keywords we use Key search with lower competition for the pages we want to appear at the top or even close to it. Choose keywords that match your audience as knowing your audience is a requirement for keyword research, as it helps you in filtering out keywords that are related to your topics but are a mismatch for your audience. Documenting your ideal audience for your blog, is very important. When you are done identifying your audience, it becomes easy to choose keywords out of the bunch of keywords, they would have searched for.


The short tail keywords have 1-2 words and are more general than a long-tail keyword. They attract more traffic but are less likely to b convert traffic.

The long-tail keywords are longer and more precise. As they reveal more users intentions when used.

  • Google place more importance on the use of the brand in online research, particularly on blogs home page and assume website low quality and prefer branding wherever possible.
  • Commonly misspelt words may get converted into keywords that could have a fair amount of traffic and much less competition.

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