Marketing products and services through video marketing have become the first medium of choice for marketers as it engages the targeted audience. It is also the easiest way to deliver a message without stirring up its meaning. Enterprises hold the advantage of their video marketing data to increase campaign efficiency. There are two elements sales activation and brand building that are brought together by the marketers to promote sales and revenue. These two methods are described below:- Sales activation is a short-term, marketing method that targets people who are convenient in getting converted into buyers as they are well aware of the product. Brand building is a long term method in which the people that we are targeting are not yet aware of the product or the service.

The 7 ways through which you can drive more revenue with B2B Video Marketing are :-

1-By introducing yourself with demo videos you can make new users aware of your products and services as demo videos are the best way to pitch products and services to the targeted audience.

2-Webinar videos have a conversion rate of 35% to 45% and we can spread knowledge of our product and services through them. As it offers us an opportunity to interact with the live interaction with our targeted audience. With the help of a webinar, we can answer their question and also pitch directly to them about your product and services.

3- You can also make testimony videos by which you can provide value to your customers. As 87% of the people give and believe in reviews and those reviews also work like magnets to attract the targeted audience and work as social media proof that the products and services are genuine and effective.

4- By making video interviews by the experts in the market and collaborating with well known and popular professionals you can make your potential customers aware of the product and services. It also adds value as this type of video content exposes your brand ahead of new users.

5- You can also offer your products to the influencers and ask them to try them out and review them in front of their existing audience and share details of the product by making unboxing videos.

6- By Solving videos you can also attract your potential customers. These videos that include the Problem With Tutorial Videos) you can increase the product followership. These videos are trending these days and pull the direct traffic to your site.

7- With the help of business video stories you can connect your audience with your brand and show them the goals, ideology and vision of your businesss as these days people not only want to buy the product or services but also want to connect with the brand and be a part of it by knowing it’s story.

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