Why E-Commerce Website is Important

E-commerce is an ideal way anybody can take their brand from a brick and a mortar store to a well-loved brand. Having an e-commerce website is a great way to grow the brand while acquiring loyal customers and gain new insight. The one common goal behind creating an E-commerce website is generating profit through it as it is a virtual store in which the visitors eventually become customers walking and filling their carts with your products. There are many marketplaces that can be a great sales channel for merchants like “Amazon, Etsy, Walmart Marketplace and eBay” but there are plenty of limitations. One of the most important aspects of owning an e-commerce website is that you can directly connect and market to website visitors/customers. Unlike selling your product on a marketplace, you can sell the product directly and can also collect information about the customer and what they bought, how much they spent and what might interest them. By getting the information of customers email addresses you can directly email them promotions, offer and discount. You can also announce the new products available on your e-commerce website. Most of the times customers in marketplaces assumes that the product belongs to the marketplace and don’t realize that you as a brand exist. When you run your website you get full control, get direct access to the customer and get credit for your product. As a seller with an e-commerce website, you can tell your customers about your company, take payment online and showcase your products. There is less risk in an online shopping website as an online shop requires less workforce which would reduce the chances of damages to goods and shoplifting that can happen in the market store. Having a product showcased on your website will attract potential buyers to buy from your website and will increase the chances of sales. An E-commerce website allows reaching out to customers around the world regardless of the distance and time zone and with the best SEO (search engine optimization ) your website will appear in the top results which will expose your profile to relevant and high motivated customers. There is a high conversion rate as the potential buyers don’t have to wait and place their orders instantly without the hassle of being in an inaccessible environment. With personalized services like order tracking, delivery confirmation and product recommendation you can connect to your customers easily.