Website Designing:-

Website designing refers to the designing process of a website. It is directly linked to the visual aspects of a website and is related to the user experience aspects of website development instead of software development. It includes web graphic design; UI designing; authoring, including standardised code, proprietary software and have a big influence on the performance of your business SEO like Google. Website designing involves visual aspects of the user interface or user experience like the colour scheme, the layout of the website, and giving life to the digital experience. It is very necessary to have an effective website design so that the conveying of ideas becomes easy and effective for the business.

Benefits Of Responsive Website Designing

  • Flexible
  • Recommended By Google
  • Easily manageable
  • Stronger Link Building
  • Outstanding User Experience
  • Cost-Effective

Website Development:-

Website development involves building, creating and managing a professional website. The process involves the coding and programming side of making the website which includes network security configuration, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting. Through creating a website a small business can also establish and build its identity and become a brand. Website development includes tools that work with different variety of website technology which , includes HTML, CSS, the DOM, JavaScript, and other components that are regulated by the web browser.

There is mainly three types of website development:-

Front-End Web Development, Back-end web development, Full Stack Web Development.

Benefits of website development

  • Creates flexibility in the website
  • The website becomes SEO friendly
  • Increases Engagement
  • Builds functional design
  • Boost sales and revenue of the business
  • Fast Loading Website

These both play a crucial in creating a website but are plays two different roles. Website designing is the subset of website development but has a different meaning and shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

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