SEO and Pay- per-click are two sides of the coin, they both focus on getting your business noticed online.

Pay-per-click refers to contextual advertising, which means your ads appear in the search results. PPC benefits over traditional advertising channels and the ads appear in the search results in the other partner’s websites. The advertisements appear according to the request of the users. PPC is used for fast results in attracting clients. It helps to attract your target audience from all devices. It relates to paid advertising on the search engine that runs through Google Ads or Bing Ads. PPC opportunities also include YouTube Ads, Display Ads, Gmail Ads and remarketing. PPC ads requires you to pay every time someone clicks. It allows almost instant results after your PPC campaign goes live but it takes months to achieve such results in SEO. PPC ads are placed on SERPs. It gives you opportunities to enhance your business presence on search engines. Running and managing the PPC campaigns only requires an experienced paid search specialist. PPC is perfect for seasonal projects, as it increases brand awareness by 80%. For the best results, it is necessary to hand it over to the professionals. It will help you reach the targeted audience, as the number of mobile users is growing from years to year. So if you want to target mobile traffic, you can’t reach it without PPC. As, when the results are displayed the users can see ads on the right top. PPC is a perfect tool for testing the demand for your product in new niches. Here its demand over SEO is undeniable.

SEO refers to optimizing your website content for improving the rank in search engine results or SERPs and is a gradual improvement of the structure and content of a website according to the requirements. SEO is an ongoing the process that requires continued investment. SEO delivers free clicks which means that it is very common to spend hundreds to drive traffic to your website. It has a more profound promotional effect than PPC. You don’t have to invest a large amount of cash in a short time. If your site has already reached the top in SERP, you can lower your SEO budget with minimal loss of search traffic. The reality is that most businesses cannot choose between SEO and PPC, because they integrate well together to reach the target audience. When your budget allows you to choose both, you can drive towards success.

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