Pay per click is an online advertising model where the advertisers run ads. It is a platform like Google Ads. It pays a fee every time someone clicks on it. Businesses use PPC to drive sales, traffic or inquiries for target audiences. It offers an opportunity to each audience at a time while gaining insight while they are searching for a business like yours and help in improving the efficiency of your channel. When it comes to PPC, there are three parties involved, advertisers, middle man and publishers. Advertisers are businesses using PPC to promote their products or services.

They pay the PPC networks to display their advertisement on their networks and within these platforms, there are different ad formats which include Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Gmail Ads. Businesses mostly start their PPC marketing on Good Ads, the first reason behind it is Google Ads give access to the largest audience of potential customers, clients and run campaigns depending on the goal of your business. The term pay per click came from, whenever a visitor clicks on their advertisement, they are changed money by the networks. The targeting and the competition depending on the keywords determine how much they pay per click. It can vary from few pence up to tens of pounds. If any other advertisers are competing for the same keyword then it is obvious that the price of the keyword is going to be on the higher side.

A limited number of advertisement slots are available on Google’s home page. When the visitors click on the advertisements, publishers receive revenue through it for displaying the advertisements. All the publishers own websites which they display on adverts. PPC networks allow webmasters and developers to display ads on their websites, videos and apps to reach a wider range of audiences. The advertisers who create PPC campaigns are given the choice between adverts displayed on their network or with their partners. There is a benefit of having publishers or partners as advertisers will pay less per click than they usually world. PPC networks get to make more money and publishers take a portion of revenue. Every keyword has four slots of advertisement.

Depending on the average number of bids for the keyword determines the position of the ad that will get displayed. It’s possible to have a successful campaign by being in the fourth position. The chances of paying are a lot less than the first position. Google Keywords Planner tool can be used to estimate the position and the amount of money you would have to pay.

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